Potential Clients for the Distributor

Who can I sell to as a Rare Thatch Distributor?

As a Rare Thatch distributor, you will be able to sell to a variety of clients and these include:

  • Theme parks, zoos and entertainment venues
  • Restaurants and bed & breakfasts
  • Sundeck and gazebo manufacturers
  • Pubs and bars
  • Pole and woodwork companies
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Outdoor shops
  • Interior decorators
  • Shows and exhibitions
  • Golf courses, hotels, and resorts
  • Awnings, Wendy houses and leisure huts
  • Barbeque and braai suppliers

These types of businesses are large consumers of our product:

Property and Land Developers


Developers play a large role internationally and they are the ideal client; they develop various golf courses, residential homes, holiday resorts and hotels, and estates. A thatch tiling system will add value to their product offering and it is a cost effective building method for them, making it a very lucrative business option to explore.



Builders in South Africa and abroad use the Rare Thatch tiling system when they build individual roofs for houses, lapas, gazebos, and huts. The thatch tiling system ensures that these buildings are cost effective and made from high quality materials.

Thatch Product Manufacturers


We provide thatch tiling products to the local and international manufacturing industry to help them with the production of products such as thatched umbrellas, Tiki Hut Kits and parasols. They use our high quality materials to create their products.

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