What is Theme Thatch?

What is Theme Thatch?

Theme Thatch is the latest development in our range of products.
It’s a new and exciting product that changes the idea of thatching into theming.

Theme Thatch is the concept where the finished product looks like real thatch but it is simply a façade which covers any basic structure. It has its own waterproof features that a normal building has and the outside and inside is themed to look like thatch.

As a Rare Thatch distributor you can offer this to your customers and it will fit all sizes and shapes of buildings.

There are various benefits to Theme Thatch, including:

  • It provides a reduced fire risk;
  • Any building can be thatched affordably;
  • The system doesn’t require skilled labour to install;
  • No waste and mess on-site;
  • The product is colour fast and will last for years – tests show that more than 10 years of exposure had no effect on the product at all; and
  • There will be no bugs or dust inside the thatch, as there is a protective layer that eliminates any intrusion, and there is no food to support life.

Theme Thatch is a great product that works on any type of building or structure, and it is a convenient and affordable way of adding style to any area. Thatch is a popular look and with Theme Thatch you can truly have the best of both worlds.